Knowledge is Power

Venture marketing has endeavored over the years to work with clients and build their corporate image. Several issues such as Ethics, Corporate social responsibility and professionalism are highlighted and organizations are made to go through a soul searching journey through the demands of a good corporate environment.

Venture Marketing remains committed to every assignment and delivers more than a promise.


Our clients include:

Business Associations

 You have full access to a complete range of essential business resources. You can talk to knowledgeable business counsellors via phone, access our on-line information and educational resources, and join webinars and other events regularly

Corporate Businesses

Our Expert Facilitators represent a depth of subject matter knowledge and extensive industry experience in all sectors. Connected, practical, and able to relate to adult experiences – our facilitators will make every experience a practical one.

Start –Up Companies

We connect entrepreneurs and product builders with skills, community and space to support them as they take ideas to reality. We’re here to help! We have programs, workshops, community events and mentorship to support you every step of the way.

Government Ministries

Service Plans provide an overview of every ministry and associated entity, including how they intend to achieve their service goals and how they support the direction laid out in the Government Strategic Plan.

Non-Governmental Organizations implementing empowerment programs for Women and the youth

The youth are, and will remain, a significant share of Zambia’s population for the foreseeable future. Developing and implementing appropriate strategies, policies and programmes to mitigate the risks and challenges they (the youth) face.


Farmer Unions

Developing and implementing appropriate strategies and programmes to support Farmers in getting thier produce to market.

Venture Marketing remains committed to every assignment and delivers more than a promise.

We Aim to Deliver

Beyond your Expectations

Through Hardwork

And Discipline

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Designed and developed to suit your every need our in-house training helps to identify & prioritize the area of improvement in order to make a contribution to the achievement of an organization’s strategic goals.


We hold Financial, insurance, Real estate and building construction expos. We bring together, financiers, entrepreneurs as well as potential clients in one room.


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